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Mozzarella Stuffed Meatball Wellington

Mozzarella Stuffed Meatball Recipe

You know the old saying “two heads are better than one”? Well, nowadays, I’d really have to agree with that!

Ever since I started dating my boyfriend Kurt, he’s given me some great recipe ideas, including this one for Meatball Wellington, which might just be his best one yet!

Juicy, flavorful Italian sausage meatballs, filled with fresh, gooey mozzarella cheese, all wrapped up in buttery, flakey puff pastry dough, it really doesn’t get much better!

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Chinese Orange Glazed Meatballs

Chinese Orange Glazed Meatballs

After 4 ½ years of blogging and over 700 recipes, Gluten Free Orange Chicken is still my brothers favorite recipe on the blog! I can’t blame him though, that orange sauce is to die for, which is why I decided that in 2016 I need to find new recipes to incorporate the sauce into!

The first new recipe I decided to try with the sauce is, you guessed it, Orange Glazed Meatballs!

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Cheesy Taco Sausage Balls

Cheesy Taco Sausage Balls Recipe

If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s how to throw one heck of a party!

Whether it’s my annual Superbowl or Christmas/Birthday Cocktail Party, or just a random football watch party, I go all out on the food and fun!

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Slow Cooked Buffalo Cheesy Sausage Balls

Buffalo Sauce Cheesy Sausage Balls

Buffalo Sauce + Cheesy Sausage Balls = My New Favorite Thing!!

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Gluten Free Sweet Potato Sausage Balls

Gluten Free Sausage Balls

Sausage balls have been a holiday party favorite of mine since I was a little girl. My aunt used to make them at her house every Christmas Eve and I was hooked from then on!

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