From seasoning mixes and smoked meats, to delicious burgers and easy appetizers, these 23 recipes reigned supreme on in 2023! Check out all of the most popular new recipes of the year in my annual top recipes countdown!

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At the end of every December, I love to look back at what the most popular new recipes of the year were. These were the most pinned, most viewed and most shared NEW recipes added to the blog in 2023!

Classic favorites from years past, like my famous Steak Marinade, Jalapeno Popper Crescent Rolls and homemade Apple Pie Filling were the most viewed recipes on the blog. But newcomers like my Chicken Wing Seasoning, Mushroom Swiss Burger and Garlic Parmesan Sauce were right behind them!

If you want to take a trip down memory lane, check out the top new recipes from years past! The Top New Recipes of 2022 included comforting soups and Grandma’s pie recipe. While the Top New Recipes of 2021 included cheesy recipes and authentic Mexican dishes. The Top New Recipes of 2020 highlighted delicious pasta sauces and easy low carb recipes.

The Top New Recipes from 2019 featured lots of seasoning mixes and Instant Pot recipes. And the Top New Recipes from 2018 were ruled by whole 30 meals and recipes with buffalo sauce. The Top New Recipes from 2017 were all about zoodle bowls and buddha bowls! As you scroll down memory lane, you’ll probably spot some of your all-time favorite recipes from the blog on these lists from years past!

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Top 23 New Recipes of 2023 on

chicken wing seasoning in white bowl with gold spoon

Chicken Wing Seasoning

This Chicken Wing Seasoning is the perfect dry rub for wings prepared in a variety of ways. Whether you're making smoked or grilled wings, baked wings or juicy air fryer chicken wings, this rub will add a delicious amount of flavor to any chicken wing recipe! It's easy to mix up in just 5 minutes, with 6 simple ingredients!

cooked cheeseburger topped with sauteed mushrooms on plate with seasoned fries

Mushroom Swiss Burger

Create the most juicy and flavorful Mushroom Swiss Burger with this easy recipe! The burger is perfectly seasoned with Worcestershire sauce and steak seasoning, while the sauteed mushrooms add a wonderful umami flavor. The burger is finished with melted swiss cheese for a delicious layer of creaminess. This dish has it all, and is guaranteed to become your new favorite burger recipe!

spices in bowl with gold and white spoon

Pulled Pork Rub

Make this Texas-style Pulled Pork Rub to perfectly season a pork shoulder or pork butt for the smoker, slow cooker or Instant Pot! This peppery dry rub recipe is easy to make in 5 minutes and can be stored in the pantry for up to 6 months.

garlic parmesan sauce in bowl with spoon

Garlic Parmesan Sauce

This Garlic Parmesan Sauce is so incredibly creamy and flavorful! It's perfect tossed with chicken wings or pasta, used as a dipping sauce, pizza sauce or a sandwich spread. It's easy to mix up in just 5 minutes and is guaranteed to become your new favorite sauce recipe!

pull apart pizza rolls on wire rack with bowl of marinara sauce

Pull Apart Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

Introducing your new favorite recipe, easy, cheesy Pull Apart Pepperoni Pizza Rolls! These homemade rolls are made with canned biscuit dough and 5 other simple ingredients for an easy appetizer, or side dish, made in just 20 minutes!

fry seasoning in bowl with small spoon

Fry Seasoning

Make restaurant-style fries at home with this easy Fry Seasoning recipe, made with 7 delicious spices in just 5 minutes! Use it to season homemade fries or frozen fries, french fries cooked in an air fryer, oven or deep fried. It will add the perfect amount of salt and flavor to create scrumptious seasoned fries at home every time!

cooked slices of bacon on white plate

How To Make Bacon

Learn how to make bacon at home with this step-by-step guide for how to cure and smoke homemade bacon. Following this simple recipe will give you the absolute best bacon you've ever had in your life. I lovingly refer to this homemade bacon as "bacon gold"!

sliced smoked tri tip on plate

Smoked Tri Tip

This is the only recipe for Smoked Tri Tip that you'll ever need! The tri-tip is tender and juicy on the inside, with a smoky, flavorful crust on the outside. It's made with the best steak seasoning rub, smoked low and slow, and seared with butter to finish, for a melt-in-your-mouth tri tip experience!

pickled onions, carrots and jalapenos in large glass mason jar

Mexican Pickled Vegetables

Make restaurant-style Mexican Pickled Vegetables at home with this quick and easy recipe! Combine carrots and onions with as many jalapenos as you'd like to make it spicy! These pickled vegetables, known as escabeche in Spanish, are delicious as a side dish, served with all of your favorite Mexican recipes.

cooked chicken wings on plate with small bowl of buffalo sauce

Sous Vide Chicken Wings

If you're looking to make juicy, tender, fall-off-the-bone wings, you have to try this recipe for Sous Vide Chicken Wings! Dozens of wings can be vacuum sealed at a time and cooked in a sous vide for 2 hours. To finish the wings, pop them under the broiler in the oven, then toss them with sauce for delicious Buffalo Chicken Wings!

poblano sauce in small bowl with spoon

Poblano Sauce

Make the most flavorful Roasted Poblano Sauce with this easy recipe! After the peppers are roasted, it only takes 5 minutes to blend up this delicious poblano cream sauce with just 6 ingredients. It's perfect for topping tacos, making enchiladas, or making creamy poblano chicken.

prepared pasta salad in bowl with forks

Pasta Salad with Greek Yogurt Dressing

Make a deliciously creamy Pasta Salad with the best Greek yogurt dressing! This simple pasta salad recipe is easy to whip up in 20 minutes and guaranteed to be your new favorite summer side dish!

roasted poblano peppers on plate

Roasted Poblano Peppers

It's easy to make Roasted Poblano Peppers in the oven, on the stove, or on the grill. Learn which method is my favorite and how to use the roasted peppers in recipes, like poblano sauce, stuffed poblano peppers with cheese and stuffed poblano enchiladas!

coronation chicken on plate with leaves of lettuce

Coronation Chicken

Coronation Chicken is a dish, originally created for Queen Elizabeth's coronation in 1953. This recipe is a recreation of the classic British Royal dish. It's a curried chicken salad that is delicious and easy to make! It can be served as a salad, tea sandwich or in a lettuce wrap for a snack, or meal.

ramen noodle soup in bowl with chopsticks on the side

Miso Ramen

Make the best Miso Ramen with this easy recipe, made in one pot, in only 20 minutes! The secret to a delicious ramen soup is the broth, and the broth in this recipe is incredibly flavorful. It has been tested and perfected, so you can make perfect ramen at home every time!

piece of Greek zucchini pie on plate

Greek Zucchini Pie

Traditional Greek Zucchini Pie, also known as Kolokithopita, is a seriously delicious savory pie with a flaky phyllo crust and zucchini feta filling. It's absolutely delicious as an appetizer, or served as part of a savory brunch. Come fall in love with the flavors of Greece with this simple, scrumptious recipe!

enchilada seasoning in bowl with spoon

Enchilada Seasoning

Make delicious enchiladas at home every time with this simple Enchilada Seasoning recipe! Combine the seasoning mix with tomato sauce to make a delicious red enchilada sauce. Add the seasoning to soups, pasta dishes and more, for that signature enchilada flavor!

baked cheesy bacon crescent rolls stacked up on a plate

Cheesy Bacon Crescent Rolls

Cheesy Bacon Crescent Rolls are easy to make with only 6 ingredients! This savory appetizer recipe can be tossed together in no time for a dinner party, holiday gathering or game day snack. The creamy cheese filling, combined with salty, crispy bacon, wrapped up in buttery crescent roll dough, is a seriously delicious combination!

monte cristo rolls on a plate topped with powdered sugar

Monte Cristo Rolls

A ham and cheese filling, surrounded by a buttery crescent roll crust, you can’t go wrong with this recipe for Monte Cristo Rolls. They're easy to make with 6 ingredients, in just 35 minutes! This fun spin on the classic Monte Cristo sandwich is great for serving as a party appetizer, or part of a festive brunch spread with raspberry jam.

tortilla chip dipped into bowl of nacho cheese sauce

Nacho Cheese Sauce

The BEST Nacho Cheese Sauce is creamy, flavorful and made with real cheese! You only need 5 ingredients and 10 minutes to make this recipe, and it's so much better than anything store-bought in a jar! It's gluten free and easy to make. Perfect for making nachos, topping tostadas, or as a dip for pretzels, veggies or chips.

boneless chicken wings tossed in buffalo sauce on plate

Boneless Wings

Make the best homemade Boneless Wings with this easy recipe, featuring my secret ingredient that truly makes these the best boneless chicken wings ever! They're easy to make in an air fryer, oven, or pan fried, and they're even better than what you get in a restaurant. Try this recipe for crispy, boneless buffalo wings at home and never go back to take-out again!

cooked chicken wings on plate

Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Make the most juicy, flavorful Air Fryer Chicken Wings with this easy recipe. The wings are covered in a flavorful dry rub, then cooked in an air fryer to make the best wings ever in just 20 minutes! Serve them with buffalo sauce, ranch dressing or blue cheese for the ultimate wing experience!

cooked ground chicken with thai basil and green beans in bowl with cooked white rice

Thai Basil Chicken

Thai Basil Chicken, also known as Pad Krapow Gai, is a traditional Thai street food dish made with ground chicken, spicy Thai chilies and fresh Thai basil. This dish is incredibly flavorful, and this authentic recipe is easy to make at home in just 25 minutes!

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