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No Churn Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream is so easy to make without an ice cream maker! This no churn recipe only requires a couple of steps & a couple of ingredients!

Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream is so easy to make without an ice cream maker! This no churn recipe only requires a couple of steps & a couple of ingredients!

Summer is here folks! Ok, well technically the first day of summer is in 2 days, but I’m getting a jump start on things because it’s warm outside, I’m rocking flip flops every day and the beach is basically my second home these days!

Oh and let’s not forget all of the delicious summer foods like Bruschetta Turkey Burgers, Spicy Macaroni Salad and Grilled Tomato Basil Chicken Skewers! And obviously summer desserts are a must! I can’t get enough of these Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake Bars, Pink Lemonade Pies and Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream lately!

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Sea Salt Blondies

Sea Salt Blondies Recipe

It’s official y’all, I’m Stagecoach bound, and I’m taking the blondies with me!

That’s right, for the next 4 days I’ll be camping out, grilling burgers, and listening to some of the best country music by Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, Eric Church and Carrie Underwood!

I’ve wanted to go to Stagecoach for years (for those that don’t know, it’s the country music version of Coachella, way more up this Oklahoma girls alley!) but I’ve never had the opportunity to go until this year. The boyfriend and his friends have been camping out and attending the country music festival for 3 years, so I hopped on board, and of course, they immediately put me in charge of the food!

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Gluten Free Dessert Cups

Blueberry Muffin Gluten Free Dessert Cups

This Saturday kicked off the first day of Summer and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited!

Summer means weekends at the beach, BBQ’s, 4th of July and deliciously festive food!

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Old-Fashioned Homemade Ice Cream

Just in time for Memorial Day BBQ’s I’m happy to pass on my families homemade ice cream recipe.  It seems that this delicious dessert only gets made on holidays and special occasions, but its simple to make and requires little prep time so I made it for an NBA Playoff party at my house!


  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • 1 tbsp vanilla
  • 1 quart whipping cream
  • 4 eggs (beaten)
  • 3/4 gallon milk
  • 12 lbs crushed ice
  • 2 cups ice cream rock salt

Start by combining the sugar and vanilla in the base of an ice cream machine.

Then add the whipping cream.

Next, heat 2 cups of milk slowly over low heat. Add the beaten eggs once the milk is warm, but not hot enough to cook the eggs.

Whisk together well.

Leave mixture over low heat for 2-3 minutes, making sure the mixture does not become too hot and cook the eggs.

Next, add the mixture to the ice cream machine base.

Finally, add the milk.  Most ice cream machines have a “fill line” inside the base. If yours does not, stick with my measurement, if it does fill milk to that line.

Stir everything together then place the base into the machine. Surround the base with ice and rock salt. Start with approximately 4-6 lbs ice and 1/2 cup rock salt.

Be sure to place the machine inside a sink or outside on a patio where the ice can melt off.

Also, remember to keep filling the machine with ice and rock salt so that the ice cream will continue to freeze quickly.

As soon as the machine stops, the ice cream is ready!

Got my Thunder napkins and it’s time to serve!

Don’t mind that it slightly melted while trying to get the “perfect shot” on my balcony as the sun was setting!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend and Thunder Up!

♣ Vegetarian Option: This recipe is vegetarian. (I’m working on a Vegan ice cream made with Coconut milk, look for the recipe soon!)

♦ Gluten Free Option: This recipe is gluten-free!